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San Antonio, Texas Criminal defense attorney Jamie Balagia understands that a Possession of Marijuana or drug charge carries serious consequences and require a serious criminal defense attorney to fight.


Every day San Antonio citizens are arrested, incarcerated, and have their futures destroyed by overly aggressive drug or criminal laws that have proven not be effective at stemming the flow of drugs and marijuana into our community. Criminal defense attorney Jamie Balagia aggressively fights San Antonio and Austin criminal and drug charges.  He understands that It's time for common sense to return to marijuana and drug offense laws.

Police and politicians champion the "war on drugs" as the answer to what they have labeled America's drug problem.  The fact is, that contrary to the rhetoric often thrown about by politicians and their talking heads, marijuana is not an epidemic problem facing our nation when compared to the bigger challenge to our continued success as a country is the money we spend incarcerating people charged with possession of marijuana.  Much like prohibition of alcohol proved unsuccessful in the 1930's, the prohibition of marijuana has proved unsuccessful across our country. 


The penalties faced by our nation's youth, in particular, for a misdemeanor possession of marijuana charge are harsh, and hinders not only the offender, but the our nation as a whole.  A single conviction for possession of marijuana can prohibit a person from ever being eligible to receive federal aid money for a higher education.  Research has shown time and again, that the more education a person receives the more they are capable of contributing to society.  Thus, when we effectively prohibit people from receiving a higher education because of a single possession of marijuana charge, we are limiting their ability to contribute to our continued economic and social growth to our nation as a whole.  Is this really the policy that our leaders think is in our best interest?  Aren't our leaders supposed to pass laws that promote our best interests?  Why then do we allow them to do the exact opposite? 

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