Marijuana Legalization in Texas – 420Dude

May 25, 2015

This is the speech I gave in front of the capitol in Austin, at a rally to legalize Marijuana.

Today, the majority of Texans support the legalization of marijuana. It’s time for the leadership of our state to listen to the voice of the people of Texas. It’s time for the politicians listen to us who, regardless of political party affiliation, support legalization. All Texans count equally and we deserve respect from our elected officials.

Call it pot, reefer, weed or whatever else you choose but give "Us the People" our freedom back - our freedom to choose for ourselves the role that marijuana plays or doesn't play in our lives.

If you as a citizen don't wish to use marijuana then don't use marijuana. We can respect your choice for you and your family but its time you started respecting our opinions and stop forcing your dictates down our throats. The prohibitionists have been in power long enough. They have ignored the will of the people long enough. They have controlled us, put us in fear, detained us, searched us, seized us and arrested us for long enough.

It’s time that we citizens are allowed to choose for ourselves what medicines we use. It’s time that we are given the ability to decide what medicines our children use. We are being told that CBD legislation will be approved this year and that’s great but it’s not enough. CBDs alone will not address the issues of chronic pain, PTSD, and Cancer, which many of our friends, family and neighbors suffer with on a daily basis. We need cannabis legalized and a realistic medicinal marijuana program put into effect.

It’s a shame that we as citizens with the protections of our Federal and State Constitutions were forced into the position begging our leaders to allow us to do something beneficial for our children. I would like the prohibitionists to explain to a mother why she can't use a natural plant to treat her epileptic child. Let them explain why our children are forced to use synthetic drugs that don't work, drugs that harm them. Let their children suffer like our friends and neighbors children are forced to suffer and we would see a change in their attitudes and in their votes overnight.

It’s time that our wounded warriors who wish to use medicinal marijuana are allowed to do so. In what mixed up world do we find ourselves having to beg for the right to do something that will save lives and ease emotional and physical pain? How can we continue to disrespect our veterans in regard to the choices they make, as adults, for their own bodies.

Why are we allowing our leaders to deny the use of medicine to our veterans who are struggling with PTSD. Some of whom are committing suicide or having extreme difficulty adjusting to civilian life. Please explain to our veterans who are addicted to deadly prescription drugs why they can't use cannabis whenever and however they choose. Don’t you dare call yourselves a patriot if you not only allow but support this torture to continue.

Yet these prohibitionists continue to oppose the truth, they continue to oppress our freedom, they continue to show their weakness of character.

Our nation called upon these service men and women, to sacrifice greatly to bring a Constitution to some other country while denying these same Heroes the rights guaranteed by our Constitution. The right to enjoy their lives, the right to their liberty and their right to the pursuit of happiness - in their own lives.

And we the people have been subjected to those same restrictions. These same denials. Because of a plant. A plant that my Bible tells me God created and in Genesis 1:29 said of the day He created it - "it was very good."

It’s time to stop destroying the educational dreams of our students caught with pot. A possession charge denies our kids the opportunity to attend college. A marijuana charge will deny you the opportunity to obtain financial assistance. Who made these decisions without the peoples’ approval? How can our children get ahead in life if we wrap a drug charge around their throats and deny them a college education? When will this madness stop?

The time is now and the place is right there.

It’s time to stop destroying the careers of our neighbors who choose cannabis over alcohol as a recreational enjoyment. It’s time we stop caging our friends and neighbors for possessing a plant. It’s time to put an end to the Police State caused by the waging of the war on drugs. A cruel reminder of the days of Richard Nixon that has become a “war against the people”, a war against minorities, a war against sanity - that has caused irreparable damage to the relationship between law enforcement and us, the people.

I often wonder how racism plays a part in the collateral consequences of this prohibition. And what cost has this War on Drugs taken on our minority communities? How wide the divide we continue to see in our every day lives in our inner cities.Ask the police if they enjoy working among people who are scared of them, who dislike them, who distrust them, who fear them. End the prohibition and these questions evaporate as we move forward together. At least those barriers will have been torn down.

Ask a police officer if the reality of arresting people for possession of marijuana brings them closer to the people in those communities. Ask them which does more harm - the plant or the consequences of a marijuana arrest and conviction. It’s time to re-legalize marijuana and repeal the laws calling for the arrests of our citizens.

I was a police officer in this city for twelve years. I saw very little harm done by people using marijuana. I saw great damage done by the enforcement of these laws. Ask any officer which is more dangerous and has caused more damage pot or booze.

They say marijuana is a gateway drug. I disagree. If we have state regulated marijuana dispensaries the only product you can buy there are cannabis related products. Dispensaries don't sell coke, heroin or meth. But as long as you have to buy cannabis from an illegal drug dealer you will be exposed to these hard drugs. Drug dealers don’t ask for proof of legal age to purchase like dispensaries do. The law against pot basically markets addictive hard drugs. It is time to end this madness. It is time for regulation, taxation, medication and legalization.

And if there were any sense to our drug forfeiture laws all seized money would be dedicated to providing free drug treatment programs and job training for those serving drug sentences or people with drug convictions that can't get hired due to their criminal records. I also call for immediate expunctions for those with marijuana convictions on their records. Give us back the right to be free from unreasonable searches and arrests. Give us back our God given Rights. The rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Stop the madness and end the prohibition now. If you agree with us join Texas NORML, stand with us, support us, continue to march with us and share your voice with us. We are your friends, your neighbors, your family members. We need your help. Thank you, May God bless Texas and each of you.