Legalize and Regulate Marijuana

October 27, 2011
 Legalize and Regulate Marijuana The largest physician group in California has adopted a policy that recommends the legalization and regulation of cannabis, more commonly known as marijuana, or pot. The California Medical Association, the largest physician group in California, adopted this policy unanimously. According to Dr. Hayes, the president of CMA, marijuana needs to be regulated and better controlled “If we don’t know what’s in it we can’t do any...
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Three Document Rule

April 27, 2011
I just loaded a page to this site describing what I call the "Three Document Rule." Essentially, if you are stopped by the police and they start asking you questions you should ask yourself if the answer to those questions can be found on the three documents they are legally permitted to demand from you on a car stop. The police are allowed to ask you for your driver's license, registration, and insurance card.
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