Avoid a DWI with The DWI Dude

April 11, 2016
This week, I was featured on Fox News in San Antonio to speak on the no refusal weekend happening this week during fiesta. No Refusal is a policy, it is NOT a law. Your constitutional rights are not suspended and you have the right to refuse many of the tests. If the police do not have a warrant for a blood draw, they can not take one without your consent. Some of the questions that were asked that put the host and crew in shock! If you take the breath test and show under .08, can you still...
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The new DWI Dude App

March 13, 2016
Check out the new DWI Dude app, from dwidude.com . We've completely overhauled the interface. Check your estimated blood alcohol level, based on your weight, and how many drinks you've had. Know how to handle an encouter with the police in Texas - whether you have been drinking or not. And record any encounters. Anything you do or say WILL be used against you. But if a conversation between you and the police is in your favor, it's not uncommon for the police to delete their footage.
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