Brenham Pot Caretakers Busted

October 4, 2012
  Two men have been indicted on charges in connection with a 3,000-plant marijuana-growing operation in Southeast Texas. A federal grand jury in Austin on Tuesday indicted 38-year-old Jose Evaristo Rivera, a Honduran national, and 27-year-old Evertte Gonzalez, a Mexican national. Each is charged with one count of conspiracy to manufacture over 1,000 marijuana plants and one count of manufacturing marijuana plants.
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Forced Catheterization

October 3, 2012
  A 22-year-old college student in Salt lake City, Utah has filed an $11 million federal lawsuit against police in central Utah, claiming they forced a catheter in him after he refused to consent to a search for marijuana. “I don’t think it’s right what they did,” Cook told FOX 13 . “I’m pretty sure they’re doing it to other people. They made me feel like an animal.” The former Snow College student said he was smoking...
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October 2, 2012
  Not that those of us who support the legalization of marijuana didn’t already know this, but 2 scientists at California Pacific Medical Center has found a marijuana compound that can stop metastasis in many kinds of aggressive cancer.  What will it take for our government to see the need to make marijuana available to those suffering from cancer and other painful, life taking ailments and disseases?   "It took us about 20 years of research to...
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BeSafeRX Campaign

October 1, 2012
  Many consumers have turned to the internet for their online shopping.  Some like to shop online to avoid the crowds, for others it’s the lower prices at times.  Internet shopping is also convenient for those who can’t drive or have a hard time getting what they need or are looking for.  Shopping online can lead to  big savings both for time and money, but can you always trust the online seller?   The FDA is warning against purchasing...
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Is MaryJane Intoxicating

September 28, 2012
  In Texsa marijuana is illegal so it goes without really sying that it is against the law to drive while under the influence of marijuana. It has always been assumed that  cannabis , like alcohol, impairs the perception, coordination, reflexes and judgment necessary for the safe operation of a motor vehicle. And, of course, there have been governmental studies addressing the question: Does marijuana impair driving? Interestingly, however, the findings do not necessarily support popular opinion….
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End The Drug War

September 27, 2012
  Yesterday, the president of Guatemala, Otto Perez Molina, announced his intention to propose legally regulating currently-illicit drugs as a means of reducing crime, violence and corruption. He is expected to elaborate on his proposal today when he addresses the United Nations General Assembly. According to the Associated Press, President Perez Molina said the war on drugs has failed and that Central American nations have no choice but to pursue legalization, since the U.S.
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Hypocrisy In The Flesh

September 26, 2012
  The front line in the war on marijuana is Colorado, where the federal government has interfered with its system of state-regulated medical-marijuana businesses, writes David Sirota. Countering the crackdown is a ballot initiative similar to Washington’s that would fully legalize marijuana.   If you heard a drug dealer denigrate his competitor’s product as unsafe, would you trust his criticism? Or would you think he’s a hypocrite with ulterior motives? Last week, thanks to Democratic Gov.
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What Is Drug Paraphenalia?

September 25, 2012
  In Texas, possession of drug paraphernalia is a separate criminal charge under the law. What is defined as illegal drug paraphernalia? Any item that can be used as a drug processing, packaging, or consumption mechanism can be defined as paraphernalia under 481.002 (17) of the Texas Controlled Substances Act. Even common household items such as scales, spoons, bowls, envelopes or bags can land you an illegal possession of paraphernalia charge.
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What To Expect In Juvenile Court

September 24, 2012
  If your child has gotten into trouble and now faces a court date, it is because the probation department determined, at intake, that informal sanctions like a warning or deferred prosecution was not appropriate. Taking your child to court can be a humbling experience. Having an experienced juvenile defense attorney makes the process easier. When the prosecutor receives your child’s case from the probation department, they must determine what to do with it.
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New Drug Not Bringing Smiles

September 21, 2012
  2C-I--known by its eerie street name "Smiles"--has become a serious problem in the Grand Forks area, according to local police. Overdoses of the drug have also be reported in Indiana and Minnesota. But if the internet is any indication, Smiles is on the rise all over the country.   Smile's effects have been called a combination of MDMA and LSD, only far more potent.
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